Women prefer men without beards out of disgust at ectoparasites

Women who find men with beards less attractive are discouraged by the potential risk that a beard could be a bearer of ticks, lice or harmful insects – this is the result of a team of researchers from the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland.

It was Barnaby Dixson, the senior author of the study, who explained in the press release that women who have to judge men for short-term and long-term relationships can be discouraged by facial hair.

“We have found women’s disgust with ectoparasites – such as fleas that live on the skin – adversely affect men’s preferences for men with beards,” notes Dixson who conducted the study with Tessa Clarkson.

According to the researcher, this is also partly due to new cultural trends that want women but also more and more men to shave virtually every part of the body.

To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers carried out questionnaires addressed to 919 women who could be single, engaged or married (some of them had chosen not to respond to the report during the period in which the questionnaire was carried out).

In particular, the questions focused on the attractiveness of males with beards or well-shaved males. The researchers found that women (both single and married) who wanted to have children preferred the faces of well-shaved males.

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