Any drone must be traceable and identifiable by radio in the U.S.

All civilian drones except the smaller ones (basically toy drones for a few euros) should transmit their location data by radio to ensure that the identity of the drone and of the owner/operator is always available, a sort of “air” plate as well as vehicle plates.

This is the purpose of the US Federal Aviation Administration which wants to create in the United States what is already seen as a huge new tracking network for anything that can take flight and is equipped with a moped. The measure, which has not yet entered into force, has already sparked numerous comments from the American public, so much so that it is thought that it will still be subject to change.

The American institutions themselves, however, believe that this measure is essential not only for security but also to advance the drone-driven trade that is becoming increasingly widespread, particularly in the delivery of consumer goods. That of the recognition in flight will prove to be “a fundamental element in the ecosystem of unmanned traffic management”, report the top management of the agency according to which all drones weighing more than 0.25 kg will be required to transmit their position and the identity of the operator at any time by radio, a bit like air traffic with traditional aircraft.

Data transmission will have to take place on a specific radio frequency which can be monitored 24 hours a day. The same data could then also be transmitted via the Internet. In this way, any police force, naturally equipped with the necessary tracking devices, will be able to identify the drone and the operator flying it at any time.

The main obstacle is, of course, the fact that all existing drones will have to install a new tracking device or else they will be banned from flying something that would inevitably increase the costs of new drones entering the market.

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